About our history

Agrocoex history

AGROCOEX S.A. is a family owned business. The founder shareholders of the company created AGROCOEX S.A. for the production and export of roses in June of 1992.

Agrocoex started its first commercial production selling to one solely customer shipping one day a week. By 1993 the total amount of stems produced reached 800.000. By the late 1993's the decision to seek new customers in different markets led the company to pursue greater business challenges and conquer various markets with its brand. Nowadays the company totals 35 ha in production, employs more than 250 people full time and produces more than 65.000 stems per day.

The first greenhouse was established in the San Francisco farm with 6 hectares and a team of 15 employees.

Agrocoex counts with the production of 3 farms: San Francisco, La Victoria and El Corazon; this last one located at 3.200 mts above sea level, becoming one of the few farms in our country located in this altitude. This particular condition allows us to produce roses of the best quality; thick stems, big buds and strong colors.

From the very beginning Agrocoex S.A. guaranteed working conditions in green houses and post-harvest facilities be designed to protect the health and well-being of all employees. Freshness, consistency, quality and service are our best qualifiers.

We achieve customer satisfaction by offering high quality roses; updating varieties every year, meeting the requests from the most demanding markets while using the latest equipment and techniques.