poverty is a pervasive problem in our society.


There are many different motivations for which Agrocoex has always put extra effort to fight against social difficulties that afflict the Ecuadorian population.

In Ecuador poverty exists in different stages, being more pervasive in rural areas of the country where low-income people are deprived of basic necessities such as: food, shelter, clothing; lack of access to health care, education and better living opportunities.

Concerned about this situation many people face in Ecuador and looking towards a better future for our people, AGROCOEX has developed different projects through the Fair Trade Program. We have taken several steps that contribute to change and generate a big impact in people’s lives through different programs that have been developed along with its beneficiaries.

Here below detailed information about the programs we currently sponsor.


The AGROCOEX Fair Trade "Loans" Project provides micro financial services to our workers, giving them access to obtain loans at very competitive interest rates. Credits from financial institutions are very scarce and limited for people earning a basic salary. This project has been in force since 2004 .Its directed to all employees in the company working more than 6 months. Amounts and deadlines are stated by the internal company rules.


Since health is not merely determined by the absence of a disease but is a social, biological and psychological well-being of an individual, we consider oral health as an important part of this overall condition that if treated properly will help a person maintain a good quality life now and in the long term.

This project drove the creation of dental care centers at the farms. The Fair Trade premium money helps oral treatment fees be reduced, fill the lack of necessary preventive and educational programs and to access dental equipment & materials needed in order to treat workers, their family and the community.


Through the AGROCOEX Fair Trade Project "SCHOLARSHIPS" people can reach a better education level; others can continue and finish their studies to obtain a degree.

The "SCHOLARSHIP" program supports more than 20 workers in the San Francisco, La Victoria and El Corazón farms. The beneficiaries of this program have the option to learn new methods, techniques, art and sciences. People can specialize in the areas they choose to, it’s a great opportunity for them to access better life opportunities.


AGROCOEX and the Fair Trade Joint Body empower our workers, their family and the youth in rural communities with computer education, which includes knowledge in computer programming and technical skills in Microsoft Office software.

Through providing education, technical knowledge, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to our workers, their families and community members the project aims to reduce poverty and illiteracy.


Washing clothes in the nearby rivers is still the normal way of doing laundry in many less-developed parts of our country. It is very common for women to perform this activity on week days after work hours or on weekends. Not only that this task is hard and takes valuable family time but it also contaminates rivers, destroying nature.

It is very important for AGROCOEX to help workers improve their lives and make it more comfortable with small contributions that mean a lot to them and for which they are very grateful. The laundry project provides washer and dryer machines at site; workers can take their laundry to work and take them back home already cleaned for a very small amount of money that is used to pay for detergent and maintenance.


In 2010, AGROCOEX started the “Housing Project”; thinking about the development of social responsibility programs. With the approval of the Workers General Assembly, 4.2 hectares were purchased in the urban area of the city of Latacunga in La Calera neighborhood. In order to make this dream come true, experts were employed to take care of the design of the urbanization, preparations of plans and approval for the project; all mandatory requirements to obtain the legal permits needed to start the construction. The idea is to provide Agrocoex workers a house with first quality facilities and finishes such as: drinking water, electric power, sewage, green areas, parking in each house, communal area, interior roads, sidewalks, handicapped parking spaces, recreational areas, etc. Among all these facilities the residential complex will also include a mini market, a dentist office, a training center, a pharmacy and laundry facilities.

The project was divided into 4 stages. The first included the construction of 24 houses. With great joy and happiness, Agrocoex was able to witness on January 2015 the completion of the First Model House.

It would be ideal for the worker to cover initially 10% of the cost of a house with their savings, while the difference will be financed with low interest long term loans through banking institutions, allowing the workers a 15 year period to pay for their houses without compromising more than 40% of their income, which in average represents the cost of rent they currently have to pay.

In the beginning of 2016 the first worker and her family were able to move in. All the Agrocoex staff were able to witness and share the immense feeling it represents to be part of such progress in a person’s life, and dreams.

With the Fair Trade sales it has been possible to make dreams come true, the program continues to develop with the aim to provide more houses.