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Roses grown in Ecuador have the advantage of perpendicular sun light 365 days a year. This allows for stems and buds to grow naturally long and straight. Altitude plays a major role, being one of the few farms located at 3200 mt above sea level, more than 10000 feet, we are able to produce roses with big buds, long and strong stems, beautiful foliage and vibrant colors. The cool and dry climate with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees keeps disease risk low and reduces the need for chemicals. All these advantages make Ecuador the perfect location to produce roses all year round

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Offices: Noruega 210 y Suiza, Ed. Coopseguros, 4th floor. Quito.

Farms: Located South of Quito in Machachi and Tambo Mulalo.

La Victoria Farm: Mulalo, Calle Principal S/N, La Victoria Farm.

Machachi Farm: Machachi, Parroquia Aloasi, Sector La Moya, El Corazón Farm.