We ensure quality and freshness during the complete process from the moment flowers arrive to our postharvest facility until boxes get shipped to each customer following the needs and demands each one of them has.


Each rose is classified stem by stem following parameters such as: head size, length, stems thickness, color and cut stage. Each stem is placed in liras waiting for the next process to start.


Bunches are done according to each customer specifications. We ensure bunches are consistent in cut stage, head size and color. Product is handled with a lot of care to achieve the best presentation possible in each bunch.
Using a cutter stems get an even cut at the end of the bunch before they get transported in the band that takes them to the place where sleeves get placed in each bunch to protect the foliage during transportation.
A strict quality control is performed before flowers enter the cold room


We use a bar code system that identifies each bunch and gathers relevant information about the flowers. The bar code shows the name of the variety, length and amount of stems each bunch holds


Roses stay in the cold room for at least 7 hours in a temperature that ranges between 1-4 C°. During this time roses are hydrated in water with a flower food solution. Our cold rooms are equipped with a system that cleans the flow of air ensuring bacteria do not get propagated and product stays clean


Boxes are packed on the day they will leave to the airport. We have different box sizes, half or quarter boxes according to the customer’s requests. We have done several tests to guarantee our customers our boxes have an optimum packing that will help our customers save money in transportation. Our versatile packing helps customers increase their sales through world-class branding and a structural packaging design


Flowers are transported in a refrigerated truck from the farm to the cargo agency. Temperature is monitored at all times and security seals are used meeting the Basc Certification requirements.